Monday, March 17, 2014

Purchasing Used : Will I Regret This?

Here I go again, trying to save money on purchasing USED items.

Some I've regretted, and some I've jumped for joy over.


-Mattress -Yes I got a used mattress. They claimed it was a queen, it was a double.
Lesson Learned: Bring a measuring tape, and just buy a NEW mattress....

-CNG Honda Civic - Sure we saved A TON on gas prices, but we sure made up for it in REPAIRS!

- Renting Apartments - Let's just say, we didn't have the best experience with our last landlord.
Lesson Learned: Go by word of mouth from friends and family over a strangers suggestion.


- iMac Desktop - We purchased an '09 for only $85 and turned it around from $500 and invested that into a brand new laptop for Winston's schooling. CACHING!
Lesson Learned: College Surplus Sales are totally worth losing some sleep to get first picks on high value items.

- Kitchen Table - My Aunt and Uncle gave us their kitchen table when they invested in a new one for their family. For the first few years of our marriage we had a small little round table that only 2 could fit at. We never had people over because well, there was no room!
Lesson Learned: If you enjoy having friends and family over for meals, you better have a table big enough for everyone.

Now it's YOUR turn to help me decide if this next investment is a REGRET or a JOY

I purchased a cushioned chair FOR ONLY $20 made of MicroFiber. I've heard that they are super easy to clean and are great for kids.

BUT after taking my BEFORE pictures (before cleaning it...) I'm worried I might regret this decision.

Take a look at the BEFORE pictures, and later I'll post the AFTER pictures

PS I'm using  Julia's Suggestion on how to clean it, visit her site:


Before: Left Side

Before: Left Side

Before Center

Before: Left Arm

Before Front

Before: Front (Make-up Strain)

Before: Right Arm

Before: Right Side

Before: Right Side

Before: Back

Before: Back

Sunday, April 7, 2013

That's right, I'm graduatin' College

It's Official. After YEARS of not knowing why i'm in College and taking many classes that seemed worthless in the moment... I can say that it all amounted to something!

I am graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Community Health Education.

Whenever I tell people about my degree, they always ask "What do you do what that degree"
in my mind I say "DUH, isn't the title self explanatory.." BUT.. that's rude... and I'm TIRED of explaining so just watch this youtube video.

A Day in the Life - Health Educator

I am so grateful for my parents that have always encouraged me to pursue my education.  I am also extremely grateful for my Hubby supporting me in this decision. I know that my self confidence has increased a TON and my knowledge in health is so fun! sorta weird i know, but i love it!

My mom is probably the most excited person out there. We took my graduation pictures for my invitations.  here's our favorites...

The Commencement is on April 26th at..... 8:00am! WHO CHOSE THAT TIME?!?! i don't expect anyone to come... expect for BRYAN. haha and my parents... and Winston.. that's all :)

BUT if you really do want to come it's at UVU's UCCU center. I'm sending out invitations soon!

Hooray for Graduation!!!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

My cousin Annie came to visit and come to the young womens broadcast. We had a busy week full of fun!
We celebrated spring at the festival of colors. We had cafe rio, dyed eggs, and so much more!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's been awhile.....

The Biggest most recent news in our lives... One of my LIFE TIME DREAMS CAME TRUE!!!!
I adopted my very own puppy! She is roughly 1 1/2 yrs old and really spunky. She can be a real sweetheart and a trouble-maker at times. 
We named her Mozzie after our favorite Character on White Collar. 

The Most important and exciting news, Winston's sister Christine went on her mission! She seems to be really happy and excited to serve the people in Little Rock Arkansas!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

One Year Anniversary

This Monday August 13th is the BIG DAY!
We are crossing our fingers and HOPING with everything we have that we will be able to celebrate in California. We have been saving up the mula and working extra to be able to go to Cali.THEN... THIS happened...

Winston had to go under the car to remove and replace the oil pan. He worked hard until midnight and still no success at removing those nasty crusty bolts. 

soon into the project my Dad even climbed under the car to help out. The wind and rain picked up so we had to create a little tent with a tarp the allow Winston to keep on working. When Winston finally came in at midnight he was COVERED in Oil and Grease. 

Winston woke up at 5 am to continue working on getting those bolts out. Thankfully my Dad let us barrow his car so that Winston could go to work at 8am.. Those 2 little bolts is what is keeping us from our trip to Cali. We are hoping to leave Sunday night, we may have to have a stay-cation....


Friday, June 8, 2012


So, we found an apartment complex that isn't much farther from BYU then our current place that's cheaper and newer and cheaper, and has as dishwasher AND AIR CONDITIONING!! When we first moved into Wymount we assumed there would be air conditioning. yeah, they don't. sure you can put in a window thing, but it's just not the same. 

Anyway, I've been doing random cleaning projects and today.. was bigger then what i expected. Winston has had a LOVE SAC for a few years now and it has never ever never ever been cleaned. SO, i unzipped the beast and MADE A HUGE MESS!!

How could this much be stuffed into such a small space?! the foam took over our whole bed! 

So, if your thinking of throwing your old couch out, just tear out the foam in the cushions to make your own love sac :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

INDEXING Surprise!

OK, so i'll admit it.. i'm sort of addicted to indexing... and my whole ward knows it. The Dickinsons even made me a little surprise during their FHE last night and brought it by today. I laughed really really hard! i hope you enjoy it! MAYBE my ward will see it.. if i am feeling brave enough to wear it!

Steven mentioned that when he sees me carrying the treat basket he imagines little bunny ears on my head... THANK you Dickinsons for thinking of me!!